Rail and road transport, public tranport

Car-repair plants impose special requirements for detergents used in washing wheel pairs, fastenings, axle equipment, units and bearings before disassembling, repair and fault detection, as soda film formed when using traditional detergents, leads to corrosion and later to intensive wear of units and aggregates during operation. Deposits after washing can damage delicate components of measuring devices which results in distortion of measurement parameters (bearings and necks of wheel pairs of railway cars).

Washing of public transport vehicles

The use of the INCONTTECH® industrial cleaning agent for washing public transport vehicles has the following advantages: it is safe for laquer coatings, plastic materials, rubber, leather and artificial leather; when washing passenger compartments it washes off organic substances and accelerates their biodegradation, thus inhibiting pathogenic bacteria development.

Washing of the subway

The INCONTTECH® industrial cleaning agent can be used for wet cleaning of passenger terminals, metro stations and for washing of tunnels. It is extremely effective in washing tunnels walls from soot, grime and oil without any damage to electrical equipment and communications. As INCONTTECH® industrial cleaning agent detergent can also used successfully at vehicles- and train repair plants.