Graffiti removal from different kind of surfaces

Graffiti is a technique of painting images on walls with the use paints and ink. Graffiti fans consider them a demonstration of their artwork and claim that they embellish surfaces. Opponents of this art are of the opinion that graffiti mar the appearance of buildings and constructions and after such acts of art a lot of time and money are needed to remove the traces of such artwork. Therefore, currently it is extremely urgent to solve the problem of removal of these drawings from buildings surfaces. It takes very short time to paint such images but their removal may be extremely time-consuming. In developed countries graffiti are not painted out but removed with the use of detergents. Some kinds of graffiti are so lasting that even resist painting out.

It is extremely difficult to remove graffiti because their authors apply a wide range of paints and materials which very quickly sink into porous surface of walls.

INCONTTECH® developed by our company is dedicated to removal of graffiti, glue and Scotch tape residues, as well as of chewing gum and tip markers traces. The product released by our company, is one of the leaders among detergents for graffiti removal.