Inconttech Kft. has activity on projects in several areas of the Central European industrial market as the producer and owner of the whole range of Inconttech products. Industrial Cleaning Agent Inconttech® is an universal, ecologically safe industrial detergent of new generation for cleaning any surfaces from any kind of contamination. As a well reputed supplier of industrial project, we are following several projects within Central Europe. I would like to use this opportunity to shortly introduce our company, and to offer our services for your future planned project. Inconttech Kft. is a producer and trading company of biodegradable industrial cleaning and surface treatment materials. Inconttech® can replace industrial detergents using solvents on the basis of oil products, alcohols, trichlorethyls, caustic alkali compositions and acids, traditionally used for in-process washing and cleaning of components and assembly units before applying electrolytic, lacquer, enamel and other protective materials like glass fibre reinforced resin or PE/PP coating. Our partners are mainly investors, general contractors, service- and construction companies from the whole range of the industry. We are experts in sourcing and supplying materials in order to meet the individual requirements of project, regardless of scope or difficulty. Our company is constantly searching the best solutions for the customers and set up long-term business relations in order to satisfy the demands of our clientele at highest level.

Our products are designed for e.g. :

  1. Degreasing of metal surfaces: removal of any fat and oil contamination before applying electrolytic, lacquer, enamel, GRP (glass fiber reinforced plastic) and other protective coatings.
  2. Car repair industry: effective cleaning a wide range of organic and synthetic lubricants, (that can generally be washed off only with the use of gasoline).
  3. Processing of surfaces made of ferrous and nonferrous metals, glass and polymers, industrial rubber components (products) used in automobile-, aviation-, machine-building-, electrical engineering-, electronic- and food industries.
  4. Hydrocarbon industry: washing of storage units, cisterns and other tanks from bitumen, oil, light oil products and other contaminants of high viscosity.
  5. Enhanced Oil Recovery: Inconttech® biodegradable demulsifier can be used as oil displacement agent with the aim to reduce water content and enhance oil recovery of deposits with weakly mineralized formation fluids.
  6. Public utilities: cleaning of premises (floors, walls, windows) from oil, fat, lubricant and other contaminants.
  7. Cleaning of heat exchangers: washing of industrial and houshold cooling and heating systems.
  8. Graffiti removal.
  9. Recultivation: Contaminated soil cleaning from oil and oil products, liquidation of spills consequences.
  10. Degreasing of skin: reduce the problem of hexavalent chrome utilization and fat content in pigskin leather treatment from 23.5% to 0.5%.
  11. Cleaning from soot, boiler deposits, salt residues, GOI polishing pastes in in-process washing and cleaning operations.

Industrial cleaning agent Inconttech® is produced as solvent in the form of conserved amorphous mixture of non-ionogenic superficially active substances, inorganic salts and other specialized additives, which provides its unique characteristics (aqueous working solution with 0.1-2% concentration, PH=8,5-9,7).

In case of interest we would be pleased to visit you in order to start collaboration with your estimated company.

We remain at your total disposal for any further information you may require.

Lajos Nagy
Managing Director

Szabolcs Bátyi
Commercial Director