Degreasing of metal surfaces

INCONTTECH® industrial cleaning agent is an environmentally safe detergent has a wide range of applications in machine-building industry (it is also used at car repair plants) for washing and degreasing of metal surfaces before painting, plating, repair and fault detection of units and assemblies (the whole range of effects).

INCONTTECH® application in automatic washing machines considerably prolongs their service life as it does not have any detrimental effect on them (the same requirements as in working with water).

For degreasing and passivation before painting of sculpted surfaces and large-size components, instead of highly inflammable liquids, we offer an optimal solution – the use of high-pressure machines with heating loops where the ecologically safe INCONTTECH® is used as reagent. In processing surfaces not only cleaning and degreasing occur but also passivation that provides protection from corrosion for the period of up to 100 hours of in-process storage.

INCONTTECH® softens water and reduces salts concentration, which allows to use it in capital repair of electric motors and equipment in accordance with technical regulations (washing of components of electric motors, rotors and stators with further drying) and winding wires insulation is not damaged in the process.