Enhanced oil recovery

INCONTTECH® biodegradable demulsifier can be used as oil displacement agent with the aim to reduce water content and enhance oil recovery of deposits with weakly mineralized formation fluids.

INCONTTECH® modification agents are the combination of non-ionogenic surface-active substances that do not contain chlorine-organic compounds and provide effective water-oil emulsions breaking, clearly-defined interphase boundary and high purity of separated water.

The waterflood operation with the use of INCONTTECH® involves enhancement of oil-displacing characteristics of water and activates capillary and diffusion displacement processes due to oil boundary tension in contact with injected water and to reduction of contact angles of wetting.

The use of INCONTTECH® facilitates washing-off of oil film, hydrolization of formation, reduces swelling ability of formation minerals and accelerates oil capillary imbibition and phase permeability due to selective action on long hydrocarbons chains.

Most currently used agents form stable emulsion with admixtures that deteriorates formation permeability and further oil recovery, while INCONTTECH® fosters interphase bonds breaking and foster coalescence of organic phase, thus reducing oil water cut at the pumping-out stage.

The operation of oil deposits waterflooding with the use of INCONTTECH® does not entail any changes of existing technology. In this process reagent does not have any ecologically destructive effect on intraformational waters and its components are not damaging to them. Moreover, it does not act as salt-forming reagent which is extremely important in contact with water-bearing layers.

The use of INCONTTECH® in washing and recultivation of oil-contaminated soils yielded favorable results in terms of reduction of salts and hydrocarbon concentration.

Due to INCONTTECH® specific effect on paraffins structure that makes them loose, less viscous and more flowable even at lower temperatures, it is possible to increase intervals in well technical servicing and workover. In the process of oil delivery to an accumulation terminal and oil processing facilities costs associated with oil preliminary treatment and upgrading it up to commercial oil characteristics, are reduced.

INCONTTECH® modification can be used directly at equipment repair facilities as detergent and degreaser as it does not have corrosion and destructive effect on equipment and is ecologically safe.