Heat exchangers

In the result of long use of heat exchangers asphalt, resins and paraffins are deposited at the internal surface of tube bundle, as well as compressor oil mixed up with mechanical admixtures. All this increases wall thickness, at the same time deteriorating heat exchange process. Gas transmission equipment efficiency is increased and its life is prolonged due to washing of heat exchangers system (bundles) and of flow section of gas-turbine engines with the use of ecologically safe INCONTTECH® detergent.

INCONTTECH® detergent dissolves up to 95% asphalt, resins and paraffins that ensures practically full purification of internal bundles surface and lowers temperature of pumped gas at least by 1.5-2.0 °C, thus considerably reducing load on gas transmission stations.

INCONTTECH® modification ensures washing-off of organic substances from the surface of metal plates of heat exchangers without oxidizing aluminum. INCONTTECH® application effect: lower air flow resistance and larger heat exchange surface area. Pumped gas temperature is lowered by 1.5-2.0°C, that increases gas-turbine engines efficiency. Higher efficiency of gas transmission plants.