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Industrial Cleaning Agent INCONTTECH® is an universal, ecologically safe, biodegradable industrial detergent of new generation for cleaning any surfaces from any kind of contamination.

INCONTTECH® can replace industrial detergents using solvents on the basis of oil products, alcohols, trichlorethyls, caustic alkali compositions and acids, traditionally used for in-process washing and cleaning of components and assembly units before applying electrolytic, lacquer, enamel and other protective materials like glass fibre reinforced resin or PE/PP coating.

Industrial cleaning agent INCONTTECH® is produced as solvent in the form of conserved amorphous mixture of non-ionogenic superficially active substances, inorganic salts and other specialized additives, which provides its unique characteristics (aqueous working solution with 0.1-2% concentration, pH=8,5-9,7).

Environmentally impacts of cleaning agents are the consequences of chemical compounds in cleaning products. The human impact on the environment has produced a range of unnatural compounds that have been specifically developed to achieve the goals of the consumer. INCONTTECH® like an new generation and alternative of surface cleaning agents shows the way of environmentally friendly chemistry can be as effective as the chemicals contained in cleaning products.